Amid Widespread Media Uncertainty, Bi-Racial G&B Founder Offers Five Keys to Successful Business Leadership in Times of Vast Social Change

Led by minority Founder/CEO Kyle Hjelmeseth, top-tier digital talent agency proves that leading the way toward progress is just good business

  1. Steady, organic growth. It took Hjelmeseth six years (eight if you count the side hustle phase) to grow his agency from 15 to 60 exclusive influencer clients and multi-millions in revenue. Yet, he did it all while maintaining 100% ownership and a debt-free balance sheet — a true testament to how he builds relationships and where he focuses his attention.
  2. Empowerment over profits. Since G&B’s founding, Hjelmeseth’s primary goal has been to help and empower people. In the process, he has built a wildly successful company with a solid reputation for creating changemakers. As a self-proclaimed “protectionist,” his highest priority is ensuring that clients are fully insulated and supported in ways that many other firms miss. One example of this is the agency’s online College of Influence, which offers more than 50 free learning modules designed to impart everything from the basic principles of business to understanding contracts and negotiating deals.
  3. Make collaboration your first response. Choosing a collaborative approach has earned the firm a reputation for providing unparalleled service to creators and brand/agency partners. The agency’s 75% referral rate speaks to the quality, commitment, and cooperative efforts of both Hjelmeseth and his team.
  4. Find solutions, be a YES person. Hjelmeseth believes in “leading from the front” and finding a path to the “yes…it can be done” perspective. This passionate, problem-solving style has led to innovative solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Most recently, G&B was one of the first agencies to promote UN/CDC COVID-19 safety initiatives early in the pandemic, taking a proactive stand to help keep consumers educated and informed.
  5. Speak up. As the Black Lives Matter and similar movements take shape, Hjelmeseth finds himself and his company in a unique position to help further social progress. Well-versed in both the world of white privilege and Black trauma, he brings the full extent of his experience living as a half Black, half white male to the positive direction and guidance found in G&B’s groundbreaking Normalize Equality initiative. What began as a conversation among friends has evolved into a soft blueprint for influencers, brands, and agencies seeking to create and perpetuate positive change.



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