From G&B — the Agency Known for Disrupting the Digital Talent Management Industry — Comes the Next Frontier of Sports and Entertainment Representation

Under the leadership of Director of Talent Bobby Bilina, athletes and celebrities get access to the same game-changing methodology on which G&B is built

From the driven masterminds behind G&B Digital Management comes G&B Sports and Entertainment (GBSE), the next frontier of digital age representation. In an industry where “status quo” was the name of the game, G&B Founder Kyle Hjelmeseth proved champions are made by changing the rules entirely. Creating a “family-like” culture built around values of replacing competition with collaboration and exclusivity with inclusivity, the agency empowers over 90 clients to drive both strong sales and positive change in today’s social media landscape. With their newest venture, Hjelmeseth passes the baton to Director of Talent Bobby Bilina, who will bring to the sports and entertainment world the same passion-driven focus, next-level support, and world-class strategy for which the G&B agency is known.

“We reinvented the talent agency model with astounding success — now, we’re prepared to do it again in the realm of sports and entertainment,” says Hjelmeseth. “Bobby has an unparalleled ability to create and leverage outside-the-box talent partnerships. Under his leadership, the world of athletic and celebrity talent will experience the same professional access, expert guidance, and explosive social promotion around which G&B Digital Management has built its solid reputation.”

Treating their talent as partners, G&B orchestrates authentic “digital fan interaction that sells itself.” While everyone else is stuck in the old paradigm of haggling over the biggest contracts, Bilina and his team are busy analyzing real-world metrics, noticing sales trends that effectively expand talent reach through more interesting deals from a wider variety of sources. This is the next evolution of digital management, driving career-making partnerships for influential people like the following who have already signed to GBSE:

G&B Sports and Entertainment is a talent-first, exclusive business management firm with an innovative, solution-driven, 360-degree approach designed to cater to the next generation of athletes and celebrities. G&B empowers its clients to evolve their influence and content, build a secure business, and establish a lasting legacy. The team also manages content creator campaigns for brands and agencies, engineering success from start to finish. Visit to discover the game-winning tools and rule-breaking approach that fuel tomorrow’s most prominent names in sports and entertainment today. Follow founder @KyleHjelmeseth and @gnbinfluence on Instagram for a sneak peek into curated content from their partners, career tips, and brand updates.

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About G&B Digital Management:

G&B Digital Management is a minority-owned, top-tier firm specializing in guiding digital content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and hospitality sectors. The company seeks to create a better influence by reinventing the talent management experience with integrity, transparency, and a human touch. One of the leading firms dedicated exclusively to supporting online talent, G&B proudly partners with the most in-demand and notable influencers in the US/ EMEA. With a collaborative, solution-focused approach, the firm has built a reputation for providing unparalleled service to creators and brand/agency partners, working together to achieve enviable results. Placing a high value on education and empowerment, G&B established the College of Influence ( for anyone looking to grow their influencer career. Deeply passionate about social justice, bi-racial Founder/ CEO Kyle Hjelmeseth also introduced the Normalize Equality initiative ( as a how-to guide for influencers, brands, and agencies seeking to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the influencer marketing industry. Discover G&B’s innovative approach to talent management at Follow @gnbinfluence on Instagram for influencer spotlights, career tips, and brand updates.